Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do Thank You Notes ASAP

I'm still doing thank you notes. Yes. It is February, and I am not done with the thank you notes I have for my wedding that was in August. Last year. Whoops.

I read a bad piece of advice months before the wedding that said I had a year to do thank you notes after the wedding. NOT true. I have had numerous relatives, particularly elderly women calling my mother to ask if I received their gift, because they never received a thank you note.

The etiquette of the day is in fact to write them as a soon as possible... no more than three months after the wedding.

So, if you have your thank you notes, write them. NOW.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cooking With Alcohol

Tip of the Day: Cook with alcohol! It adds a great kick! Throw vodka on your roasted chicken with vegetables, red wine in your beef stew and rum in your oatmeal cookies! There are tons of recipes out there. Just try googling it! Its a quick, inexpensive and easy way to make that "normal" meal not so normal!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Bride's Guide to Staying Pretty

It seems to me that most normal american newlyweds are unfortunately on a tight budget after the wedding. This doesn't mean that your whole beauty routine has to get thrown out with the centerpieces!

1. Have your hair colored something close to the original shade. If you are a natural brunette, and have blond strands, now might be the time to go back for low-lights... lots of them! Its much easier to maintain your hair on a budget if it is closer to your au natural look.

2. Don't gain/lose weight. Many brides tend to gain weight after the wedding. If this happens to you, you will have to spend extra money on clothes to fit your new body...for better OR worse.

3. Drugstore makeup. Maybelline Mascara, Cover Girl Powder, L'Oreal eyeliner. Its all there. Seriously, those are some personal favorites. As long as your clothes and hair look great, most people will not notice if your lipstick is from Neutrogena instead of MAC.

4. For sales, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, ebay... but don't shop cheap! High quality clothes lasts longer than cheaply made items. And while your at it, buy some classic pieces. Those gladiator sandals probably won't last another year! Remember, nothing needs to be bought full priced.

5. Iron (or steam) your clothes. Gone are the days of college unironed t-shirts. At least buy some wrinkle releaser and spray it on.

6. Hair. Hair is one of the first things people notice about you. Even if you feel like  frump, you will feel just so amazing if you actually spend the time in the morning to do your hair. Its a pain when you have a new home to run, but totally worth it. As for products, you can stick to cheaper brands, as long as they don't contain sulfates, -cones, or alcohol. Checkout for more info on that! This is a pick me up that is COMPLETELY free. The only thing you are spending on it is the time!

7. Nails. They don't have to be painted, and you certainly don't need to go to the salon, but make them look pretty! Feet: Every time you're in the shower, rub them with a pumic stone. When out of the shower, push down cuticles on both hands and feet. If polish is chipped, TAKE IT OFF. If you don't have the time to repaint your nails, then just don't paint them. Fingers: Use sunoil to push down cuticles, an orange stick and file down. Boom. There done. Now, if you have time and want to paint, do so...

8. Tweeze your own hairs! This goes for any hair you want removed. Pluck eyebrows. Shave legs. Use Sally Hanson waxing strips on your upper lip, and use Nair on your bikini line. No need to go to the salon.

9. Exfoliate and moisturize. Exfoliate every other day. Every time you get out of the shower moisturize... yes EVERY time. Use baby oil gel. Lasts all day. As for exfoliators, Trader Joe's has some great sugar based ones.

10. Wash your face and brush your teeth every night. Well, do more than just that. Stick to your regimen every day and your skin will be glowing. It doesn't matter if you spend $20 or $200. Floss, mouthwash brush, remove eyemakeup, exfoliate, wash face, toner, acne medicine (if needed) and moisturizer.

11. Don't hold your husband's hand through all of this. Take some time to yourself. Although it might feel great to be married to the love of your life, if you want to keep up your pre-nuptial beauty routine, you will need some of that single-woman time back.

... stay tuned next time when I talk about how to shorten your beauty routine...

The joys of being a working woman/wife.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wives just can't get as sick as their husbands

The dishes go unwashed. The dust bunnies come to visit. Somehow, upon seeing all of this, you feel even more "blah" than you did originally. Yet, when he gets ill, he can hide under the covers knowing that the house is magically running itself...

Although there are many different illnesses, here are some quick ways to keep yourself well during flu season:

1. Wear a hat. (I don't care what you think, my mother is always telling me to "wear a hat" and after getting bronchitis last year myself, I think she is on to something)

2. Wash your hands. No, running them under the water with no soap doesn't count. While you're at it, sing "Happy Birthday" to yourself three times.

3. Get a flu shot. Yeah, no one likes shots, and you'd probably rather buy new shoes with the money, but it is TOTALLY worth it.

4. Pop pills. Take "air borne" every day with water. This is a great way to keep yourself well.

5. And if all else fails, and you do manage to get sick, the quickest way to get better is to follow the man in your life and camp out in your bedroom, shades down, covers up.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

About This Blog

Yes. I'm a newlywed. And it is wonderful. Although my husband and I have plenty of wedded bliss in our little love nest, I've come to realize that sometimes plain old reality comes and bites you in the ass when you least expect it.
There's a lot of life lessons it seems that need to be learned by those of us out there who have just tied the knot. I'm hoping to address some of these issues as they come up in my marriage, without putting too much of a personal story behind them...sorta like an i-post wedding blog.

Tip of The Day: Keeping Your Little Love Nest Clean

Unfortunately, neither my husband nor I have the cleaning bug in our genes. However, I think I may have figured out a system that works for people like us.

Clean each room for 15 minutes every week. Divide the duties equally between the two of you so that each of you are doing the same number of rooms. For example, this week, have him clean the kitchen, bedroom and study, while you clean the bathroom, exercise room and living room. Don't make a big issue of it. Just clean each room as fast as you can for 15 minutes. Then, the next week switch that reach room will get to experience both of your, um, different cleaning "techniques."
You don't even have to do everything at once, maybe just one or two rooms a day is enough!

If you do this from the get go, your little love nest should never get out of control.

If you want to read more about cleaning a room in 15 minutes go to